Photo of 4th Grade Book-Reading Discussion from Krystina Kelly

4th Grade Book-Reading Discussion from Krystina Kelly

By Krystina Kelly


This VoiceThread shows how a wide number of students from different classes and grades can use VoiceThread to have an asynchronous conversation about books. Students could contribute to this thread over an extended length of time. While the teacher spent some time setting up the initial slides, students were then able to contribute at whenever they wanted to. It provides a large amount of feedback by students on a selected topic. This VoiceThread was used with students throughout the whole school.


This year I chose to emphasize students reading the 2009 Illinois Rebecca Caudill nominees. I imported a cover photo of each book and then added a book talk or review to each title. After the books had been introduced and students ! had begun to read them, I went to their technology classes to demonstrate how VoiceThread is used. Then students were able to log-in and add comments after they had finished a book. The objective of the project was to allow students to share feedback with each other on the 2009 Illinois Rebecca Caudill books.

Easy Parts

The easiest part of the project was getting students excited about using this technology.


The hardest part was setting up the initial slides because it was somewhat time consuming, but not difficult.


Wikispaces. I was able to embed this VoiceThread into the library’s wiki.


If you do a project over an extended time, you need to promote your project continually, a one-time demonstration is not enough. Make sure your microphones work before you present it to the class.


Any kind of book review or book club would work!